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Generally speaking, UW-Manitowoc will not cancel or delay classes unless there is severe roadway icing or snow depth that is such that travel is near impossible. I will be in consultation with other local higher education institutions and the area school superintendents prior to making decisions on delays or cancellation of classes.

How do I know if classes are cancelled?

DO NOT call the university to find out if classes are cancelled or delayed.
  • Class cancellations / delays are announced on the UW-Manitowoc website (www.manitowoc.uwc.edu) .
  • Class cancellations / delays are announced on radio and television
WAPL (105.7 FM)
WHBY (1150 AM)
WLKN (98.1 FM)
WIXX (101.1 FM)
WQTC (102.3 FM)
WOMT (1240 AM)
WNCY (100.3 FM)
WCUB (980 AM)
WBAY (Channel 2)
WFRV (Channel 5)
FOX (Channel 11)
WGBA (Channel 26)

NOTE: If you have cable, the channel numbers may vary.