Adult College Experience (ACE)

The purpose of the Adult College Experience (ACE) is to offer support, promote academic success, and provide a social group for students age twenty-two and over. Membership is open to all students attending UW-Manitowoc and regular meetings are held at the convenience of the membership. For more information, contact Trudy Sirkis, Student Services Advisor, at 920-683-4707.


The UW-Manitowoc Blue Devils athletic teams compete in men’s and women’s golf, men's and women's tennis, men’s and women’s basketball, and women’s volleyball. UW-Manitowoc is a member of the Wisconsin Collegiate Conference. For more information please contact Jared Dalberg, Athletic Director, at 920-683-4737.


Students compete against each other (usually over the lunch hour) in flag football, volleyball, badminton, and 3-on-3 basketball. Contact the Athletic Director, Jared Dalberg at 920-683-4737 for more information.

Bike Club

Club members focus on bicycle safety, health benefits, and advocacy for bike trails and lanes. Contact advisor Chris Beloinat 686-6040.

Business Club

This club was formed to expand students' knowledge of the business world. The club entertains speakers from the local business community, attends business seminars and sponsors field trips. For more information contact Karl Schindl at 683-4693.

Environmental Club

rom left to right:
Kylie Murray, Miranda Pasdo, Ashley Gosz, Ian Poling, Andy Mallard, Chad MacDonald, Ryan Geimer, Ashley Hollen, Ethan Poling

The UW-Manitowoc Environmental Club is dedicated to preserving and enjoying the beauty of nature. The Environmental Club sponsors activities such as Adopt-A-Beach, campus composting, hiking trips, and reusable water-bottle sales fundraisers. For more information, contact Rebecca Abler or Rick Hein at 683-4730.

Environmental Club Sweeps UW-Manitowoc Campus on PhotoPeach

Environmental Club Sweeps UW-Manitowoc Campus on PhotoPeach
Photos by Cindy Gruett

Extreme Outdoors Club

This group arranges participation in different types of outdoor activities which may include skiing, camping, biking, canoeing, kayaking, rock climbing or rafting. Contact Bruce Peters for more information at 683-4712.

Future Nurses Club

Students interested in pursuing nursing careers should join this club to learn more about the profession through programs and discussion about topics related to the field. Contact Caroline Gearyat 683-2746 for more information or
Cathy Buchner at 683-4707.

Future Teachers Club
Future teachers raised 800 dollars for Jefferson Elementary families who are struggling with finances.

Anyone interested in a career in teaching--preschool, elementary, secondary, special education--should participate in this group to learn more about voluntary and paid experiences in the field. We also invite representatives from area universities so that students can learn more about the school of education at these sites. Contact Laura Apfelbeck at 686-6059 or Meg Onoda at 683-4693 for more information.

Future Teachers Group is selling tickets to a pancake breakfastat Applebee's for 5 dollars. Profits will be donated to needy kids in Manitowoc to help pay for holiday gifts. Contact Laura Apfelbeck or any future teacher to purchase a ticket or make a donation. The breakfast is scheduled for December 10th, 8-10am.

Gay-Straight Alliance

Contact advisor Meg Onoda at 683-4693 or Cristi Beringer at 683-2744.

History Club

The History Club promotes engagement with history on the UW-Manitowoc campus as well as within the larger community. Past and present initiatives include trivia contests, screening and discussing historically-themed documentaries, and establishing links with other institutions involved in interpreting the past. Contact advisor Christopher Stone at 683-4695.

Literary Magazine

Touché is UW-Manitowoc's literary magazine published in the spring. It is a collection of poetry, short stories and artwork created by students. For more information, contact Paul Emmett at 920-683-4725.

Multi-Culti Club

hoto by Dyonne Wright

The Multicultural club is attending the Salvation Army 411 N. 6th in Manitowoc off of Washington Street to help distribute toys to families. If anyone is interested in volunteering their time for a good deed, please contact See Thao as soon as possible, because there is mandatory training December 20 (Tues.) 6-7pm.

Dec. 21(wed) 8pm-12pm, noon-4pm or 4pm-8pm

Dec 22. (Thurs) 8pm-noon or noon -4pm

Contact info (920)645-1972

To us Multi-Cultural means diversity. This is a club that's in the process of promoting diversity education among the campus and the community. It gives the opportunity to share thoughts and ideas, and lending a hand for those who seek it. Last but not least, a place where volunteering is important. Some things we've been involved in include White Day, potlucks, volunteering at Jefferson and raising funds for women in third world countries. Contact advisors Catherine Leone at 683-4739 or Jessica Van Slooten at 683-2747.

Find us on Facebook! Search for UW-Manitowoc’s Multicultural Club.


The Lakeshore Wind Ensemble, the Lakeshore Big Band and the UW-Manitowoc Chorus present a number of exciting concerts throughout the year. Each of these groups are campus-community collaborations. Contact Michael Arendt at 920-683-4688 for more information.

Phi Theta Kappa

UW-Manitowoc is the Alpha Sigma Lambda chapter of Phi Theta Kappa. Phi Theta Kappa is the only internationally acclaimed honor society serving two-year colleges that offer associate degree programs. Membership is extended by invitation only, and to be considered for membership, a student must pass stringent academic requirements, be of good moral character and possess recognized qualities of citizenship. In return, students become members of an elite society that is known world-wide for its scholarship.

Phi Theta Kappa provides members with opportunities for leadership, fellowship and service as well as an intellectual climate for continued academic excellence. Local members are involved in fund-raising efforts for scholarships and volunteer work. Amy Kabrhel is the advisor for this group and can be reached at 920-683-2746.

Student Ambassadors

Student Ambassadors are a group of students selected through a holistic process to represent UW-Manitowoc in a number of ways. Student Ambassadors help with events such as Campus Preview Nights, New Student Orientation, campus tours and other events as needed. Contact Katie Seibel, advisor, at 920-683-4709 for more information.

Student Newspaper

Students can learn the basic principles of writing and editing while publishing the campus news, which appears monthly in local Herald Times Reporter, as well as on //The Devil's Advocate// wiki. Students can earn a credit by signing up for Communication Arts 104. For more information, contact Laura Apfelbeck at686-6059.

Student Senate

Student Senate is the governing body for UW-Manitowoc students. Senators are elected by their peers and may serve one or two semesters. The goals of the Senate are to represent student interests and to promote student activities. All faculty committees and the faculty collegium contain Student Senate representatives.

The Senate also arranges activities throughout the year including student life nights, community service projects, live entertainment and assorted field trips. Contact Katie Seibel, advisor, at 920-683-4709 for more information.


The University Theatre is UW-Manitowoc's campus/community theatre group. The group offers several productions each year – one mainstage production in the fall, one mainstage and one workshop (staged reading or one-act) in the spring. The community is also invited to audition and participate, though casting preference is given for current students. This season we are presenting The Real Inspector Hound, directed by Rick Ponzio, in the fall (casting is complete), a fully-produced, staged reading of William Shakespeare’s Hamlet in Feb. and a black-boxed production of Tennessee Williams’ The Glass Menagerie in the spring.

The Theatre Company aims to provide more theatre opportunities for UW-Manitowoc students by producing a series of Guerilla Theatre (24-hour theatre) events, as well as occasionally providing for student-directed performances and readings of student work. The next Theatre Co. event will be a Guerilla Theatre weekend in late November or early December towards the end the semester. In addition, the Theatre Co. will look to promote theatrical involvement by organizing trips to see theatre when possible.

For more information see or contact Dr. John Wright, theatre director and Theatre Co. sponsor, in office L129, by phone at 683-4722, or by email at